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Quality and environmental policy

Date: 02/08/2023

ARCHITECTURE TEXTILE is a company specialized in the design, manufacture, and assembly of textile covers and tension structures. It is located in the El Pedregar industrial estate, in Montmeló, province of Barcelona.

The company has been offering its services to various clients for almost 30 years, both nationally and internationally. The trust and satisfaction of these clients have allowed us to earn recognition and a reputation within the sector.

The experience gained since our inception, as well as the application of the latest knowledge in textile covers and tension structures, allow for the constant optimization of our activities.

Our objective is to perform the works in accordance with the requirements of the client and interested parties, optimizing the price, meeting the deadline and complying with the applicable legal and voluntary requirements specified.

Respect for the environment is an essential component of our activities and objectives. We intend to contribute to the conservation of natural resources through the progressive environmental integration of our activities, as well as through knowledge of and compliance with the corresponding environmental legislation.

Principles with which we must orient our work:

The quality and environmental management system policy is appropriate to the objectives of the company.

The effectiveness of the quality and environmental management system will be continuously improved.

All actions must avoid polluting the environment as much as possible. To this end, the environmental aspects of each project will be identified and evaluated in order to minimize and avoid impacts on the environment. Workers will be trained in the measures to be implemented to achieve this and will be made aware of the importance of their operations in preventing environmental pollution.

All of the organization’s tasks shall be carried out in compliance with the technical regulations in force, with all legal requirements and environmental regulations, and other requirements established by the interested parties, taking into account the safety and health of workers and proper environmental management.

The quality and environmental management system policy provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality and environmental objectives.

The quality and environmental management system shall be documented, implemented and monitored.

The policy of the quality and environmental management system will be continuously reviewed for its permanent adequacy.

The work of the organization is oriented to understand the needs of our clients, fulfilling the purpose of the works and services, in quality, cost and time.

The soundness of the company is achieved by generating an adequate level of profit, minimizing the risks inherent to the activity and providing the service required by the customer.

Quality is fundamentally achieved through the planning and control of the different processes. Each member of the organization is responsible for the quality of the products and services it generates, taking into account the proper environmental management of its activities.

Arquitectura Tèxtil S.L. Carrer Font dels Créixens, 31, 08160 Montmeló, Barcelona, Spain

Spanish company dedicated to the design, calculation, manufactory and installation of textile coverings

Arquitectura Tèxtil S.L.

Carrer Font dels Créixens, 31, 08160 Montmeló, Barcelona, Spain